Does your copier look like this?

Dozens of print jobs sent throughout the day, but no one claims them! Somewhere in the middle of that mess is your financial report, or even more important, your recipe for chocolate pie that you had high hopes of making that evening. Do you print it again? Do you wade through the mound of papers to look for it? Do we chalk it up to just being a Monday, only it’s Friday at 3:00 pm..Is there a solution to this all too common workplace frustration? Well the answer is…yes!

Kyocera CentraQ and CentraQ Pro are business applications that are designed to help optimize production, enhance document security, and minimize cost. CentraQ allows users to send a print job from their computer, and release that print job at any supported Kyocera MFP or printer. The print job is held at the server level and not at the machine level, allowing users the freedom and convenience of choosing any HyPAS-supported Kyocera on their network. The jobs are released when the user keys in their specific PIN, and releases their print job. For companies that utilize HID cards, CentraQ provides added security by allowing end-users to release their documents using the card reader technology. CentraQ is ideal for schools. Printing and retrieving documents at any workroom, office, or building within your school district at your convenience.

Does the copier at your office look like the line at the DMV? Patiently waiting to retrieve your documents?

Have you ever been in a hurry to get to the meeting at the administration building, only to spill coffee on your freshly printed documents?

Are you needing to print out your resume’ for that job interview at 1:00 pm, but your boss is standing at the copier?

All of these scenarios can and would be solved by CentraQ! No more wasteful printing, no more worry over document security, and no more stacks of unclaimed paper just sitting on your copier.

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