Affordable Color Meets Premium Performance – HP Pagewide Technology

Wight Office Machines is proud to announce that we are officially HP Premier Partners. Becoming an HP Premier Dealer allows Wight Office Machines to not only sell HP managed products that are not readily available to consumers, but we can now offer onsite service for all of your existing HP products! That means no more sending off your equipment for repairs, or throwing it in the trash and buying a new printer 12 months after you bought the previous one. Wight Office Machines is excited to partner with HP and all the features that their products have to offer.

One of those features is HP’s Pagewide Color Technology. HP has taken top of the line digital printing press technology and scaled it to the everyday office environment. The HP Pagewide MFP’s and Printers use a single printhead that spans the entire width of the paper, which enables single-pass printing with remarkable color quality and incredibly fast speeds. One great advantage that the Pagewide series offers is the low color cost of each machine. With customizable color preferences, you will be able to choose the color option that best fits each print or copy job, reducing waste and the number of times you have to replace the cartridge. Another cost saving feature is the minimal number parts within the Pagewide MFP’s and Printers. Fewer moving parts means less maintenance and decreased downtime, which minimizes interruptions and increases productivity.

With low color cost, print speeds up to 80 pages per minute, and less maintenance, HP has developed a series of color machines that give the end user everything they would want in a MFP or Printer.